Leopold Bench Plans

The bench design is based on the work of Aldo Leopold, a nature writer and protector of the wilderness. Leopold’s writings have helped people discover how to live in harmony with the natural world around them.

Austin Urban Coops - Leopold Benches

Austin Urban Coops - Leopold Benches

The original bench was designed for adults. It is made out of 2×8 lumber, with a 2×10 seat. Pine has been used because it’s inexpensive, takes well to staining and sealing, and is naturally biodegradable. The seating area is about 42 inches wide, with a 22 degree angled back. Just big enough to fit two adults comfortably.

After making our first Leopold Bench, we realized that it is a bit too large for children to enjoy. Many childen enjoy sitting outside in their own quiet place, to read or to look around and wonder about the world. And so we designed a 2/3rds scale version of the Leopold.

The child’s version of the Leopold is also made of 2×8 pine. The seat is 28 inches wide and 12 inches off the ground. “Adorable” is probably the best word for the smaller bench.

How strong is the child’s version? Well, it weighs 28 pounds! It can support the weight of two adults (over 300 pounds) without a problem. With 2×8s and short cuts, it’s a very solid unit. This is a gift that your children will be able to pass down to their own children.

Download The Free Plans (PDFs)

Adult Sized Leopold Bench
Child Sized Leopold Bench

We occasionally sell these benches at local markets. If you are interested in one, please send us an e-mail and we’ll let you know if we have any on hand. They are $70 for the adult and $50 for the child sized. Due to their size and weight, these benches can not be shipped outside of Austin, Texas.